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فراخوان دو فصلنامه تجهیزات و سیستم های انرژی

Energy Equipment and Systems is an internationally recognized multi-disciplinary scientific and engineering journal with a focus on the broad field of power generation systems.Energyequipsys is published semiannually in winter and summer of each year.


The journal is aimed to provide a dependable peer review platform for publishing original research articles, review papers and communications aiming to advance the current state of the knowledge about the different aspects of the energy related systems based on the fossil fuel, biofuel and renewable energy sources and mainly highlights the major theoretical achievements, numerical/computational simulations and the experimental investigations of the energy production, conversion and storage equipment and systems.

Energy Equipment and Systems highly encourages contributions in the fields of fluid flow, heat transfer,  thermodynamics, CFD, system dynamics and control, optimization, multi-physics modeling, metallurgy and materials science and manufacturing related to the energy analysis, energy modeling and prediction, integrated energy systems and energy efficient systems



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