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Organizational Efficiency Score, Based on Cobb-Douglas and BSC

Topic: Published Year: 1391
Presentation: شفاهي
Published in:

[ The First International Conference on Econometrics ]

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Nowadays, managers tend to compare their organizations with the others. Balanced scorecard (BSC) is the tool to translate the organizational strategic goals into the operational critical factors by its strategy map but it individually may not use as the ranking tool. Cobb-Douglas method is a branch of econometric studies which is useful to measure the efficiency of organizations at parametric approach. But it's incapable of defining its input and output indexes efficiently. So, in this paper the most important strategic factors obtained from BSC are employed as the data for Cobb-Douglass. This may lead us to a comprehensive ranking method to attain the reliable appropriate results for each organization in each period. Finally, the proposed method is practically tested and the results are illustrated in the following paragraphs.



Balanced Scorecard, Cobb-Douglas, Efficiency Measurement, Econometrics


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