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Showing Abstract of Study on feasibility of establishing a wave power-plant in Persian Gulf


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Study on feasibility of establishing a wave power-plant in Persian Gulf

Topic: Published Year: 1384
Presentation: شفاهي
Published in:

[ 7th National Symposium of Marine Industries ]

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Abstract of the Article


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[ Ali Asghar Dehghani ] - Hydro-Physic Research Center of Shiraz
[ Mohammad Reza Khalilabadi ] -
[ omid Alo Soltani ] -



The world's oceans represent an enormous and virtually untapped source of clean, non-polluting renewable energy. Technologies exist to exploit this resource but at the present time, high initial construction costs make electricity produced from these power plants more expensive than that from traditional sources. Technological breakthroughs, standardized plant designs, increased fossil fuel prices and/or increased world concern over environmental issues such as global warming will increase the pace at which ocean wave and ocean thermal energy conversion systems are utilized. World is running out of oil and we need to start finding new energy sources. Scientists need to explore wave energy as an alternative energy source. World-wide, the potential for waves to supply energy is enormous. Dutch researchers have estimated that the world has 20,000km of coastline suitable for harnessing wave power [1]. Iran has more than thousand kilometers coastline in Persian Gulf. In this paper initially calculated the height and period of average wave in Persian Gulf. Then by this information, we calculated the extractable power from the average waves that moves toward the coast of Iran in Persian Gulf, with about 1000km coastal border, by using a continuously system is approximately 6150Mw. This is a large amount of power that can supply main part of Iran consumption electricity.



wave, Renewable energy, energy, power, Persian Gulf


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