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Some lessons of participatory irrigation for Qanats

Topic: Published Year: 1390
Published in:

[ International Conference on Traditional Knowledge for Water Resources Management ]

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[ Mohsen Barahimi ] - PH.D student of Water resource management, Institute of water problems, hydropower
[ Inom Normatov ] - **, Institute of water problems, hydropower and ecology Academy of Sciences Republic of Tajikistan, 12 Parvin street, Dushanbe,734002, Tajikistan,
[ Amir Kalantar ] - PH.D student of economy, National university of Republic of Tajikistan



Water is a valuable and vital element especially in arid and semi arid region of Iran. Due to scarcity of these substantial elements in most part of Iran there are water distribution systems established for rightful use of water. These systems have been formed according to users demand climatic condition current water supplies arable lands area and water distribution methods. Water distribution system is an institution which has been formed and created during evolution of agricultural societies gradually and preexist issue of social and economical of arid and semi arid regions residents. In arid region of Iran water distribution systems have fundamental similarities but there also are some distinctions which lead to study these systems individually. It is worth to say that operational system of Qanats has long history without any governmental or institutional support and are active yet. I this research we make an effort to evaluate and investigate operational system for Qanats to introduce their power points to other sectors as a recommendation especially for water user association establishment. Agents such as type of operation systems organizational mechanism water measurement unit water division circuit and etc would be evaluated and finally beneficial suggestions and recommendation for this research and water association establishing (especially for surface water) would be presented.



Qanats, water, water division, water user association


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