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Showing Abstract of Holy water in the Islamic civilization By studying Sabil and Cingab unite in Iran


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Holy water in the Islamic civilization By studying Sabil and Cingab unite in Iran

Topic: Published Year: 1390
Published in:

[ International Conference on Traditional Knowledge for Water Resources Management ]

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[ GA El-Gemaiey ] - Department of Islamic archeology, Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University



The Islamic architecture knows a variety of building used to preserve and service water at many level and many shapes, cause of the water importance in life in general and its importance in Muslim habits special, for that the Muslim architecture create the Sabil unite and Şişme for service water to public, and know also wells and Qantas to preserve water. But for Iran region the Sanctification of the water become substantial for the above reasons and more. Before Islam the water has its importance cause of the pre-Islam Persian culture, history and cause of the environment of course. when Iranian know Islam and believe with it the reasons become more and more cause of the Shiism and there believes, for that we notice a symbol of other unite of architecture use to service and preserve water in Iran we didn’t see before, such as Cingab which appear side by side the Sabil unite. but they know the Sabil unite in different shape and compounds which I will refer to both of them Cingab and Sabil by study there architecture unites, decoration, and its history, the effect of religion and social role in their structure by choosing symbols of Sabil and Cingab from Isfahan city and some other Iranian cities at Safifed period.



Iran, Water, Cingab, Sabil, Safavid, Shiatt


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