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Iran Transboundary Rivers Treaties with its Neighbors Implementations and Challenges

Topic: Published Year: 1390
Published in:

[ International Conference on Traditional Knowledge for Water Resources Management ]

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Abstract of the Article


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[ Alireza Najafi ] - Head of Studies and planning Group, Transboundary Rivers and Share Water Resources, Ministry of Energy
[ Jabbar Vatanfada ] - General Director of Transboundary Rivers And Share Water Resources, Ministry of Energy



Human civilizations have been created and developed adjacent water resources such as rivers. The old Mesopotamia Civilization near Tigris-Euphrates Rivers, The Egypt Civilization near Nile River, and The India Civilization near Indus River and The Burned City Civilization near Hirmand (Helmand) River and Hamoon lakes are samples of aforementioned civilizations. Demise of old Civilizations occurred according to wars, dangerous disasters and illness, and droughts and deficiency of water. Today, with regards to limitation of ancient empires, kingdoms and governments and creation of new small and big countries, new boundaries have been established and the importance of fresh water resources and transboundary rivers has been increased more times and after that several challenges and disputes have been occurred between countries for accessing water over these resources and even some serious disputes and wars between countries have been occurred in 20th century. According to aforementioned, government's consideration and attempts of countries are toward compiling water treaties based on international laws, and previous historic water rights and or necessity to friendship relations between countries as unique and possible solutions for decreasing challenges and disputes and prevention of new challenges. Iran and its neighbors have several water treaties on Transboundary Rivers Basins such as Aras, Atrak, Arvanad, Hirmand and others. In this paper it is tried while a brief survey in Transboundary Rivers treaties between Iran and a neighbor presented the process of compiling treaties and also implementations, challenges, successful and new required treaties.



Fresh water resources, Transboundary Rivers, Border Rivers, International laws


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