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Managements, Operating and Maintenance of Historic Hydraulic System in Oman(Aflaj System

Topic: Published Year: 1390
Published in:

[ International Conference on Traditional Knowledge for Water Resources Management ]

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[ Duaa Ziad Yousif Al-Said ] - Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Recourses Sultanate of Oman
[ Hassan Yousuf Al-Balushi ] -
[ Nasser Mohammed Al-Amri ] -



Water is the spring of life and a basic resource required for human existence. The importance of water in the arid zone is so pervasive that, its distribution reflects the basic social values of equality and justice. The influence of water can be seen in fundamental process-response systems. Resources are developed in response to environmental requirements, but the developments themselves then alter the environment. In Oman groundwater distribution is related to geology as well as the climate. The Sultanate of Oman lies within the arid and semi arid zone where there are no rivers and the rainfall is not sufficient to satisfy the daily demand for water particularly for agriculture. However Omani people did not stand helpless, they accepted the challenge and used their minds and skills to get the maximum benefit from the available underground water resources. They found the optimum solution in the aflaj system which enabled them to get the fresh water supplies required to ensure continuity of life in Oman. Agriculture production in Oman is almost fully dependent on irrigation in which more than one third of irrigation water is supplied by aflaj. Aflaj have a complicated system regarding their architecture, their irrigation techniques, their maintenance, and their operation. This paper by the managements, operating and maintenance of aflaj in Oman will examine the process of aflaj channel constructions and explain the division system that used to distribute the water of the falaj within one area



Underground water, Aflaj administration, maintenance, Government role, Oman


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