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The impact of climate change on water resources management

Topic: Published Year: 1390
Published in:

[ International Conference on Traditional Knowledge for Water Resources Management ]

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[ Attia El Gayar ] - International Expert Professor of SOIL-WATER MANAGEMENT. Soils, Water & Environment Research Institute, Agriculture Research Centre, MINAGRI, Giza (12619), Egypt



In the face of limited water resources, the Arab has to be re-structuring and management of water resources to match what was expected to increase pressure on those resources due to the direct impact of climate change, where you must activate the principle of integrated management of all water resources up to reduce water losses and maximize the return from a unit of irrigation water concept of national security and economic demonstrating that harnessing the political relations to serve this purpose. Should also review the policy of distribution and consumption of water and change the crop structure commensurate with its economic feasibility from the standpoint of water, in addition to the establishment of a regional numerical model to modify the structures to control the crop in the effectiveness of the exploitation of water resources.In general, Arab countries are developing countries, which is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change because climate is dry. If the temperature rose or fell in the area of rain, intensified pressure on natural systems and physical. According to studies of climate models that the Arab region will increase by 5.5 degrees Celsius in the surface temperature at the end of the twentieth century and the atheist. And this increase will be associated with an expected drop in rainfall from zero to 20 per cent, these changes will make the expected shorter winters and drier summers, warmer, and raise the heat waves and increase the frequency and occurrence of volatile weather events and extremes. These effects are an increase in evaporation from water bodies and natural and artificial soils, thereby reducing the available water supply. , The effects will increase the rate of evapo - transpiration products of crops and natural vegetation. That climate change will increase in future demands on the irrigation potential by 6 to 16 per cent due to the increase in transpiration with the end of the twenty-first century.And lead to changes in climate due to global warming to changes in the distribution of insects (locusts) and other vectors that transmit human and animal pathogens. The atmosphere warmer, with accompanying climatic instability growing, will increase the risk of floods and droughts are likely to increase drought-affected areas, and likely to increase in cases of rainfall is extreme, in terms of frequency and intensity, and will worsen the risk of flooding and there will be floods and droughts and a water shortages, the main obstacle in most countries in the Arab region. The piece that incorporate measures to mitigate climate change and adaptation strategies and policies in the development of water management strategies that strengthen and increase efficiency




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