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Avicenna’s Views On Cancer And Nutrition

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مشخصات نویسندگان مقاله Avicenna’s Views On Cancer And Nutrition

  Shokouhsadat Hamedi - Department Of Persian Pharmacy, School Of Persian And Complementary Medicine, Mashhad University Of Medical Sciences,Mashhad, Iran
  Masoud Honarvar - College Of Food Science & Technology, Tehran Science And Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

چکیده مقاله:

Cancer is one of the three main causes of mortality in the word whose prevalence is being increased.The reviewing of Iranian traditional medicine texts specially Cannon determines that preventiverules, which named as six essential rules (Sitteh‑e‑Zarurieah) are abundantly found, including allidentified cancer‑related risk factors. One of these rules is nutrition. Avicenna has hypothesizedcancer as a disease associated with abnormal black bile humor which is very hard to be diagnosed atearly stages. In order to prevention of cancer, Avicenna has proposed that bad black bile should becontrolled by adding some additives and spices in foods or eating some vegetables that these dayshave been proved that they are anticancer herbs. The most additive in Iranian food include:Curcumin in Turmeric have strong antioxidant effect that can help prevent the proliferation ofcancer cells. Nigella Sativa is found in many Iranian foods and it has a special place in Iraniantraditional medicine. It is strong anti-tumor and anti-oxidant, it increases cellular immune (T cellsand B cell and activated macrophages) it also increases activity of NK (natural killer). Garlic: Garliccontains allicin and alial have the inhibitory effects of free radicals and can prevent the occurrenceof many types of cancers including lung cancer. Also eating more dark green leafy vegetables suchas spinach leaves containing chlorophyll and lutein, have antioxidant properties and the canprevent incidence of cancer, especially liver cancer. Conclusion: As you can see, most of therecommended herbs for traditional medicine that is often added to foods have anti-cancerproperties. Although the mechanism of action of these herbs in traditional medicine text are verydifferent from pharmacological effects of these plants, but they can be confirmed traditional foodand diet appropriate and benefits.


کد مقاله/لینک ثابت به این مقاله

برای لینک دهی به این مقاله، می توانید از لینک زیر استفاده نمایید. این لینک همیشه ثابت است و به عنوان سند ثبت مقاله در مرجع سیویلیکا مورد استفاده قرار میگیرد:
کد COI مقاله: NASTARANCANSER02_039

نحوه استناد به مقاله:

در صورتی که می خواهید در اثر پژوهشی خود به این مقاله ارجاع دهید، به سادگی می توانید از عبارت زیر در بخش منابع و مراجع استفاده نمایید:
Hamedi, Shokouhsadat & Masoud Honarvar, ۱۳۹۵, Avicenna’s Views On Cancer And Nutrition, دومین سمپوزیوم بین المللی سرطان نسترن, مشهد, مرکز پیشگیری سرطان نسترن - دانشگاه پزشکی مشهد و دانشگاه فردوسی,

در داخل متن نیز هر جا که به عبارت و یا دستاوردی از این مقاله اشاره شود پس از ذکر مطلب، در داخل پارانتز، مشخصات زیر نوشته می شود.
برای بار اول: (Hamedi, Shokouhsadat & Masoud Honarvar, ۱۳۹۵)
برای بار دوم به بعد: (Hamedi & Honarvar, ۱۳۹۵)
برای آشنایی کامل با نحوه مرجع نویسی لطفا بخش راهنمای سیویلیکا (مرجع دهی) را ملاحظه نمایید.

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در بخش علم سنجی پایگاه سیویلیکا می توانید رتبه بندی علمی مراکز دانشگاهی و پژوهشی کشور را بر اساس آمار مقالات نمایه شده مشاهده نمایید.

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