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گواهی نمایه سازی مقاله The Differences between HR and Senior Managers in National and International Companies

عنوان مقاله: The Differences between HR and Senior Managers in National and International Companies
شناسه (COI) مقاله: ICMBA01_043
منتشر شده در کنگره بین المللی مدیریت، اقتصاد و توسعه کسب و کار در سال ۱۳۹۴
مشخصات نویسندگان مقاله:

Arezou Razavi - M.A. in TEFL, English Department, Najafabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran,

خلاصه مقاله:
This study aims at investigation of the behavior of human resource managers and senior managers in international and national companies. To this end, 45 employees from an international steel company and 50 employees from a national brick company in Isfahan, Iran were selected randomly. A questionnaire with some questions was distributed among all of the participants about HR managers and senior managers in their companies. The data was analyzed using SPSS software version 20. The results of the current study showed that the managers of the international company tried to improve the level of their company by holding different training programs to transmit their abilities and experience. Also, they asked the employees to participate in English courses to develop their trading markets. While the managers at national company did not tend to hold training programs and give feedback. Furthermore, they did not follow teamwork activities and transmit their experience. This study is a new view for the relationship between managers and employees at work.

کلمات کلیدی:
human resource management, internationalization, senior management, feedback, business management

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