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گواهی نمایه سازی مقاله Human Rights and Armed Conflict: the European Experience

عنوان مقاله: Human Rights and Armed Conflict: the European Experience
شناسه (COI) مقاله: JR_JHM-6-11_006
منتشر شده در دوفصلنامه حقوق بشر در سال ۱۳۹۰
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Steven Greer - Professor of Human Rights School of Law University of Bristol United Kingdom

خلاصه مقاله:
1. Introduction For millennia Europe has been afflicted by every type of armed conflict known to humanity. Yet the sustained reflection about the ethical and legal implications to which this gave rise eventually laid the foundations both for what became international humanitarian law (IHL – the law of war) and international human rights law (IHRL). International armed conflict is currently no longer a pressing problem in Europe. Three core objectives of this paper are: to consider why this is the case; to explore the lessons which might be learned by the rest of the world; and to reflect upon the emerging, yet still problematic, relationship between IHL and IHRL with respect to European states.

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