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گواهی نمایه سازی مقاله Examine the possibility of plastic pot application as a planting media for greenhouse cucumber

عنوان مقاله: Examine the possibility of plastic pot application as a planting media for greenhouse cucumber
شناسه (COI) مقاله: NIAC01_046
منتشر شده در اولین کنفرانس بین المللی ایده های نو در کشاورزی در سال ۱۳۹۲
مشخصات نویسندگان مقاله:

Z Saffari - Horticulture ph. D students of Islamic azad university Science and research branch, Tehran
A.A Heidari - Horticulture ph. D students of Islamic azad university Science and research branch, Tehran
N mollakarimi - Horticulture ph. D students of Islamic azad university Science and research branch, Tehran

خلاصه مقاله:
The point of our examination in this research is comparing different cultivars of greenhouse cucumber in various planting conditions such as pot planting and soil planting. This research was carried out in the context of split plot, including the major plots in planting method and also subordinate ones was the four cv.s of cucumber including Aria, Green Magic, Roberto and Younes. This research was performed in 3 replications. The features which were examined in this appraisal includes yield in for 15- day periods and also qualitative traits of the fruit including fruit dry matter, TSS, pH and toughness. The concluded results established that some differences were revealed in different periods of plantings, as planting in pot resulted in the increase of elementary 15-day periods yield. But in the third and forth 15-day periods the results were exactly the opposite and potted plants represented less yield. The yield differed in various cv.s; Aria had the maximum yield though the applicable cv.s. Among qualitative traits, only TSS was impressed by CV. And the maximum amounts were observed in Aria.Introduction: Currently, cucumber planting is possible via two system, open air culture and greenhouse. As greenhouse surmounted despite having lots of benefits, using greenhouse technology, on account of showing impossibility for performing repetitive planting and also intensive planting , agricultural crops have been exposed to soil diseases. We had been trying to investigate the possibility of using pots as a planting environ for cucumber through comparing different CV.s in soil and pots.Materials and methods: This research was carried out in the content of split plot in three replications, the major plots in our research were different CV.s of greenhouse cucumbers including Aria, Green Magic, Roberto and Younes and the subordinate plots were different medias of planting, including soil and pots which were 40 cm in height and 35 cm in diameter of throat with around 38 liters in volume which filled with soil, sand and manure (1:1:1). This experiment was performed in Khorasgan research greenhouse in autumn 2010 and cucumber seeds were directly planted into pots and soil media on October 10th. For calculating the pH, juice was titrated with 2 alum. Total acidity calculated according to Malic acid (common bio-acid in Cucurbitaceae) and expressed in percentage. For measuring the TSS Hand Held Brix Refract meter was applied. Fruit toughness was measured by puncture model FT011. Attained data were managed by Excel software and statistic analysis occurred through SAS and for comparing means used Duncan multiple test.Results and Discussion: number of fruits of each plant in 40 DAP in potted plants was 4.41which was more than soil plants with 3.34 (p=0.05). In addition, the number of required days for the first harvest in potted plants was 48.23 DAP while plants in soil required the average 57.76 days, so it shows that use pots as media have good potential for early producing and it can be used for attaining economical advantage by producing valuable crops. Yield of plants in different Medias in variant period times presented significant difference and in first and second 15-day periods potted plants had 935.9 and 1939.9 g/m2 yield, respectively which indicated a considerable superiority in comparison of soil plants with 380.5 and 1116.9 in the same period. The cause for this, can relates to several factors like higher root environment temperature in potted plants in black pots that were exposed to environment temperature than soil plants that caused to earlier flowering in these plants. Yield in different periods of harvesting affected by cultivars and showed significant difference (p=0.05) unless in first 15-day period and Aria in all of periods had the highest yield as had 5.8 kg/m2 yield in two month and Green Magic and Roberto with 4.4 kg/m2 were located in the lower step and cause on difference in yield between cultivars can be attributed to genetic adjectives, their ability in nutrition absorption and photosynthesis (Akbari-Cheshmemanesh et al,2003).Effect of cultivar affected TSS and caused to significant difference (p=0.05) as Aria with 4.38% had the highest mean and Roberto with 3.37% located in the lowest place while, juice pH and fruit toughness did not show significant differences between cultivars.

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