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گواهی نمایه سازی مقاله Risk- based on Computer auditing and measures of Prevention

عنوان مقاله: Risk- based on Computer auditing and measures of Prevention
شناسه (COI) مقاله: OICONFERENCE01_419
منتشر شده در نخستین کنفرانس بین المللی پارادیم های نوین مدیریت هوشمندی تجاری و سازمانی در سال ۱۳۹۵
مشخصات نویسندگان مقاله:

Amin Kark - Master Student of Accounting, Islamic Azad University, Branch Of Birjand, Iran
Seyd Mohammad Reza Mashhoori -

خلاصه مقاله:
the technology of Computer audit played a major role in the progress and prospects of a proper application to improve the quality and efficiency of audit work. But due to the technical complexity and the specific risks of computer audit, it should be shown effective in audit and preventive action. Mainly through research in this paper, we proposes the causes of audit risk in a computer environment and the risk of further proposals for measures to control, to some extent reduce the risk of computer audit and improve the audit quality.

کلمات کلیدی:
computer auditing; Risk; Measures to prevent

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