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Proceedings of 6th Congress on Safety, Health, and Environment in Mines and Related Industries

Proceedings of the 6th Congress on Safety, Health, and Environment in Mines and Related Industries were published in English CIVILICA


55 articles were published in this conference which was held 9-11th of May 2006 in Tehran. Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Company was the holder of  6th Congress on Safety, Health, and Environment in Mines and Related Industries.

The English CIVILICA is the Provider of Iranian articles in English language. During the trial period of English CIVILICA, just the Abstracts of articles are available in English. Persian Full texts of articles also are available in CIVILICA. (Persian version)

 1. An Investigation of the challenges in making, applying and mplementing the safe working rules and procedures in mines in Iran
 2. A study of safety Indices of venarch manganese mine
 3. Acid Mine Drainage; Prevention and Control
 4. Analysis of probability of rock burst occurrence in Hashooni coal mine, Kerman
 5. Application of Volcanic Ash Soil in the Removal of Heavy Metals From Industrial Wastewaters
 6. Assessment of ergonomic circumstances for Products carrying and evaluation of mechanical devices implementation effects on ergonomical respects improvement in mineral powders producing Industries.
 7. Assessment of noise pollution and its effects on stone industries workers of Malayer Township in 2005
 8. Chromium Removal from Chromit Polluted Water by using Aspergillus niger in the Bench Scale
 9. Desigining The Ventilation System of Amirkabir Tunnel
 10. Design and Construction of an Automatic Balancing Instrument used for Reduction of Noise Pollution Produced by Vibrations from Industrial Rotary Machineries
 11. Designing and Implementing of Noise Control Method due to Ball Charge in primary Ball mills Division
 12. Designing Educational Programs for Mining Environment
 13. Designing Environmental Assessment Algorithm For Iranian Mining Companies
 14. Designing safety and health educational programs for Iranian mining industry
 15. Determination of Safety in Final Pit in Sungim Copper Mine
 16. Dispersion of Particulate Matters from Ferroalloy Plants; Azna Ferroalloy plant Case Study
 17. Emergency planning in Iran coal mines with survey on incidents occurred in Iran's collieries in 1383
 18. Environmental effects of acidic water disposals, neutralization methods in Songon copper mine and East Alborz coal mine
 20. Estimation of groimdwater inflow into Qomroud water supply tunnel using Plaxis software
 21. Evaluation and selection of benefit flocculetrt in thickener of radioactive pulp for prevention of pollution's dim tailing
 22. Evaluation of subsidence over longwall panels by descriptive and finite element methods
 23. Geotechnical behavior of day liner to Pregnant Leach Solution (PLS) in Heap leaching
 24. Grouting operations role on reducing ground surface settlement due to large tunnel excavation
 25. Harmful ions removal from mine industries liquid waste, using a zeolitized fly ash
 26. Heavy Cations Removal from Acid Mine Drainages and Mineral Industries Wastes, Using Natural and Synthetic Inorganic Sorbents
 27. Introduction of a Green Technology for Removal of Arsenic Species, using zeolites
 28. Investigation of Acid Mine Drainage Production and Control in DareZare Copper Mine
 29. Investigation of Acidic pollution of atmosphere and related acidic precipitation and generation of acid near Sar cheshmeh
 30. Investigation of fine clays sedimentation in pulp, with using suitable flocculant: case study (Pouv a Zarcan Gold plant)
 31. Investigation of pollution for dispersion of Pb and Ni around of tow metal melting factories in Isfahan
 32. Measurement and Evaluation of Noise Pollution at Grinding and Flotation Units of Concentrator Plant
 33. Modeling of Noise Propagation in Outside Area of Sarcheshmeh New Concentration for Determining Best Noise Control Method by Soundplan Software
 34. Modelling geochemical reaction of cyanide removal from tailing dam of gold processing plant in Muteh
 35. Operators Exposure Noise Reduction of Wabeos in Sarcheshmeh Cooper Mine Via Noise Insulation
 36. Prediction of the subsidence at Tazareh Coal Mine due to the extraction of P10 coal seam using numerical and empirical methods
 37. Risk analysis of site selection for main tunnel of soltanabad salt mine according to aeromechanical and transportation conditions
 38. Risk assessment in regard to severity and probability
 39. Safety Process in Underground Uranium Mines
 40. Statistic Investigation and Analysis of Blasting Accidents in the Surface and Underground Mining and Civil Activities of Iran (78-80)
 41. Statistical analysis and economic evaluation caused by working accidents at the kerman coal mines
 42. Study and investigation accidences of industrial Site in Chador Malu mine
 43. Studying of effects salt deposit on polluting of reservoirs water( Nazi salt dome in Chaharmahal & Bakhtv ari prov ince)
 44. Studying of the skeletal-muscular effects and their relationship with the body position at the time of work in the working society of Zarand
 45. Survey of pneumoconiosis in the mine and mineral industries with view point of economic considerations
 46. The effect of surfactant on decreasing acid mist in copper electrowining processes to make a safe working environmen
 47. The evaluation of human vibration in sarcheshmeh copper mining trucks
 48. The Study of Relationship Between Shift working & Mental Health
 49. The survey of c of life among Shahrood coal miners (1384)
 50. The survey on sources of stress as perceived by worker coal mines of Kerman Province and prevention ways .
 51. Use of mathematical model for predicting problems associated with the mine land settlement in backfilled open cut mines
 52. Using Of Statistic Relations and Analysis in the Branches of Iranian Minerals Production & Supply Company (case study - Kerman coal co.)
 53. Ventilation management software exclusive for coal mines
 54. Ventilation system design of Hashuni coal mine
 55. Waste Distribution Investigation in Layer Ci of Block 1 in EastJParvadeh Coal Deposit of Tabas

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