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4th Congress on Safety, Health, and Environment in Mines and Related Industries

Proceedings of the 4th Congress on Safety, Health, and Environment in Mines and Related Industries were published in English CIVILICA

22 articles were published in this conference which was held 26th-28th Feb 2002 in KhazarAbad Sari, Iran. Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Company was the holder of  4th Congress on Safety, Health, and Environment in Mines and Related Industries.

The English CIVILICA is the Provider of Iranian articles in English language. During the trial period of English CIVILICA, just the Abstracts of articles are available in English. Persian Full texts of articles also are available in CIVILICA. (Persian version)

 2. A systematic analysis of occupational accidents in mines and mining industries
 3. Computer Analysis of Kerman Coal Mine Elevators
 4. Designing the Ventilation System of Galand Road Coal Mine
 5. Effects of Mineral Processing on Plant Area Pollution
 6. Epidemiological study of sickness absence with specific attention to absence due to back pain among coal miners
 7. Ergonomic Assessment of Manual Material Handling and Work - Related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Miners ( Kermanshah, 2001)
 8. Evaluation of lung capacity in alborz markazi coals mine worker-s in mazandaran province in 1997.
 9. Heavy Metals Accumulation the Vegetation of Mine Tailings
 10. Investigation of electrocardiogram in workes working in coal mine
 11. Investigation of Safety Situation in One of Mineral Materials Production Factories with Safety Audit Technique
 12. Methane Gas out burst in Methane Explosion in Karmozd Eight Mines Tunnel
 13. OSHA200 software introduction Industrial accidents and illness record keeping system
 14. Safety culture
 15. Safety in Designing of excavation Facilities
 16. The comparative study of the prevalence of accidents due to working in coal mines in kerman province during 1990, 2000.
 17. The determination of optimal heat stress index in Surface mines
 18. The effects of using the Absorbent and Semi Infinite Screen together in reducing of Sound Pressure level
 19. The Role Of Safety Management In The Economic Development
 20. The Study on Environmental Impacts of Sewage due Coal Washery and Possibility of Recovery of eoal Fines
 21. Using of "What if?" technique in investigation of Systems Safety
 22. Working Conditions in Kerman Coal Mines and the Importance of Safety in this Places

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