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2nd Iranian Open Pit Mines Conference

Proceedings of the 2nd Iranian Open Pit Mines Conference were published in English CIVILICA

38 articles were published in this conference which was held 2005 in Kerman, Iran. Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex was the holder of 2nd Iranian Open Pit Mines Conference.

The English CIVILICA is the Provider of Iranian articles in English language. During the trial period of English CIVILICA, just the Abstracts of articles are available in English. Persian Full texts of articles also are available in CIVILICA. (Persian version)


 1. A Study of Safety Indices at Gol-e-Gohar Iron Ore Complex
 2. A Windows Software for Optimum Pit Design in Open Pit Mining With Variable Slope Angles
 3. Application of 3D Numerical Methods to Slope Stability Problems
 4. Application of Block-to-Block Stability Analysis Method in Construction of Heap Leaching Structures
 5. Calculation and Feasibility Study of Required Trucks at Gole-e-Gohar Iron Ore Company
 6. Design and Calculation of Parameters Required for in-Pit Crushing System in Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine
 7. Determination of Sarcheshmeh Copper Heap Leaching Unsaturated Soil Zone Water Characteristic Curve by Applying Sieve Analysis
 8. Determination of Size Distribution of Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine Rock Types after Blasting Using Image Analysis
 9. Development of a Method for Blasthole Pattern Design in Surface Mines
 10. Development of Windows Software (PitBlast) For Drilling and Blasting Pattern in Open Pit Mining
 11. Economic Comparison of Surface and Underground Methods in Sechohoon Iron Ore Deposit
 12. Economic Evaluation of Sungun Copper Project
 13. Estimation of Optimum Production Capacity Using Modified O’Hara Relations
 14. Final Pit Optimization and Scheduling of Gol-e-Gohar Iron Ore Mine with Whittle Software
 15. Geotechnical Considerations of the Preliminary Design of the 3rd Open Pit Mine of Gol-e-Gohar
 16. Image Analysis Method Validation to Determine Ore Size Distribution of the Gol-e-Gohar Iron Mine
 17. Image Analysis Method Validation to Determine Ore Size Distribution of the Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine
 18. Implementation of the Domestic Resources Cost (DRC) Method for Comparative Advantage Analysis of the Operating Copper Mines in Iran
 19. Introducing a Weighed Harmonic Mean Formulation for Estimation of Compressive Strength of Jointed Rock Masses
 20. Investigation of Environmental Contamination Due to the Waste Dump of Hillgrove Gold-Antimony Mines in the North of New South Wales, ustralia
 21. Investigation of Fragmentation Distribution of Sangan Iron Ore Mine Due to Blasting
 22. Mathematical Model for Flexible Allocation of Multi-Capacity Trucks in Open Pit Mines
 23. Measurement and Analysis of Blast Vibrations in the Western Wall of Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine
 24. Open Pit Mine Production Scheduling with the Use of Genetic Algorithm
 25. Operational Cost Estimation of Surface Rock Excavation
 26. Optimization of Mining Schedule in Se-Chahun Iron Ore Deposit, Using NPVS+ and COMFAR III Softwares
 27. Outcome of Privatization at Gol-e-Gohar Mine
 28. Prediction of Open Pit Mine Blasting Powder Factor Based Upon Neural Networks
 29. Prefeasibility Investigation of Water Control for Se Chahun Iron Ore Mine Using Cut Off Wall
 30. Preliminary Design of Cheshmezard Gold Deposit of Arghash
 31. Qualitative and Analytical Investigation of Mining Method Selection for the Anomaly No. 3 of Gol-e-Gohar Iron Mine
 32. Research as Main Axis to Develop Open Pit Mines in This Century
 33. Simulation of Choghart Mine Transportation System Using ARENA
 34. Technical and Economical Comparison between Different Blasting Method in a Surface Mine
 35. The Effect of Alteration and Weathering on Strength of Rocks at the Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine
 36. The Method to Metermine the Mocation of Mew Mrainage Deep Wells in Gol-e-Gohar Iron Mine
 37. Two-Dimension Discrete Element Analysis of Slope Stability of the Sarcheshmeh Open Pit Mine
 38. Unfolding Process for Reserve Evaluation of Surface Mining

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