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The Iranian Journal of Neurosurgery (IrJNS) is a peer-reviewed scientific quarterly publication of the Neurosurgical Society of IranIt accepts articles in the field of cerebrovascular diseases, Neurotrauma, brain tumors, Neuroscience and spine.The editorial board also encourages the submission of clinical studies, case presentations and novel advancements in the field of technology and operational procedures. Comments, questions and literary criticisms are most welcome. Submissions must be made through the online process and all manuscripts are subject to peer review by experts.





IrJNS publisher: Guilan University of Medical Sciences.

IrJNS is currently indexed/listed in Google Scholar, Magiran, IranMedex, ICMJE, International Institute of Organized Research (I۲OR)database, Directory of Open Acsess Journal (DOAJ), Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources, Free medical journals directory in Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Electronic Journals Library


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