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02nd Regional Conference on Climate Change

Proceedings of the 2nd Regional Conference on Climate Change  were published in English CIVILICA

29 articles of the 2nd Regional Conference on Climate Change  is now available from English section of our website. Please note that, totally 37 articles published in this conference. During the trial period of English CIVILICA, just the Abstracts of articles are available in English. Persian Full texts of articles also are available in CIVILICA. (Persian version)

 1. A Study on the Effect of Global Warming on Increasing Agricultural Water Use
 2. Application of Homogeneous Numerical and Unnumerical Methods in Estimating Hydrological Drought (Low Flow) (A Case Study of Daryacheh-e-Namak Basin)
 3. Climatic Fluctuations and their Effect on the Road Trafic and accidents in Haraz Road
 4. Climatical and Pedological Trends in North- East of Iran during the Holocene
 5. Constraction of Clionate Change Scenarios for a Small Catchment
 6. Effects of Climate Change on Agronomic Characteristics of Root Crops in Tabriz
 7. Energy Demand and Climate Change in 21 st Century
 8. Evaluation of Climatic and Morphologic Models for Determing of FlooddD ischarge in Arid and Semi-arid Regions A case study in salt lake watershed (Iran)
 9. Evidences of PaLeo-Environmental Changes in Representative Soils of Iran
 10. fie Spatial Variatwn and Distribution of lhnderstorm Rainfall in the Greater Sydney Region
 11. Geomorphologicol Evidences of the Quaternary Climatic Changes in Gorgan Area (Eastern Caspian)
 12. How Plants React to the Climate Change
 13. Hydrological Models and Climate Change
 14. identification of Influnce Factors in Hydrological Drought using Factor Analysis (Case Study in Daryacheh - e - Namak Basin of Iran)
 15. Impacts of Climate Fluctuation Change ort Desertfication
 16. Investigation of Climate Factors Effect on the Sirjan Go1 - E - Gohar Mining Activities
 17. Presentation of a Mathematical Model .to Evaluate the Hydrological Drought in Arid Central Regions of Iran
 19. Review on the Role of Climate In Epidemiology of Diseases
 20. Rfze Climate and Shortage of Water Resources in Sabzevar
 21. Sea Level and Climate Change
 22. Simulation and Prediction of Picea abies and Pinus resinosa based on global warming scenarios
 23. Spatial and Temporal Variations of 500 HP Height in the Mediterranean region and their Effects on the Climate of Iran
 24. study of Sediments in Ekbatan Darn Area Using G.1.S & R.S. Methods
 25. The Effect of Updraught Velocity on Splinter Production at Constant Temperature
 26. The Influence of El Nino- Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Phenomenon on Autumn Rainfall in Iran
 27. The World Climate Programme
 28. Use of tho Stochastic Method to Study Climatic Changes in the South of Iran
 29. Yaxchal [=Ice Reserve]

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