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1st Conference of Environmental Engineering

Proceedings of the 1st Conference of Environmental Engineering were published in English CIVILICA

82 papers of total 541 articles of the 1st Conference of Environmental Engineering is now available from English section of our website. During the trial period of English CIVILICA, just the Abstracts of articles are available in English. Persian Full texts of articles also are available in CIVILICA. (Persian version)

 1. A Review on Nitrate pollution in Iran’s Groundwater
 2. A Survey and comparing about The Quality Adjustment of Jajrood River
 3. An overview on Activated sludge Model No. 1
 4. Application of artificial neural networks for modeling of The Lighvan river by using Water Quality Index
 5. Application of MLP neural network in prediction of NO2 and NOx concentration using merological parameter
 6. Application of thermal plasma for waste treatment
 7. Asbestos in drinking water: concerns, standards and removal
 8. Assessment mercury concentration of surface Sediment in the International Anzali Wetland-southern Caspian Sea, Iran
 9. Assessment of the use of biomarkers in aquatic plants for the evaluation of environmental quality
 10. Chromium Bioremoval from Tannery Industries Effluent By Aspergillus oryzae
 11. Comparison of Mercury Concentration in Shrimp of Persian Gulf (Penaeus Semisulcatus ) & Determination of Permitted Rates of Them Consumption
 12. Composting Method of Agricultural Refuse and Effects of Compost on the Wheat and Corn Yield
 13. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Generating Electriciyy From Nuclear Plants
 14. Decolorization of Textile Wastewater by Electrooxidation Process
 15. Defining the optimum method of increasing the capacity of waste water refineries of city
 16. Deletlriuos effects Advansed treatment of hight rate industrial wastewater with on decrease environmental impact and coste reduction watewater treatment
 17. Destruction of Hazardous Medical Waste by Plasma Pyrolysis Process
 18. Determination of Corrosion Potential In Drinking Water Distrebution system of Ahwaz City by Index ( Lead and Copper Rule
 19. Determination of the optimum conditions in the removal of phenol from water using active carbon with Taguchi method
 20. Determining Formaldehyde in Environmental aqueous samples as a known Environmental pollutant
 21. Effect of industrial Wastewaters on Chemical Quality of Groundwater.
 22. Effect of Municipal Effluent on Heavy Metals Concentration in Pinus eldarica Medw. Leaf
 23. Effect of process variables in the production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) by activated sludge.
 24. Effects of Maunicipal-Compost Residual on the Corn Yield and Heavy Metals Concentration of the Soil
 25. Effects of sewage sludge and effluents from waste water treatment plants on heavy metals movement and content in soils, crops and groundwater
 26. Effects of Sound Pollution on Marine Ecosystem
 27. Effects of the reservoir of the Karkheh reservoir dam on the quality of the water entering the reservoir
 28. Electronic Waste in Environment
 29. Environmental Effects of Mining Industries
 30. Environmental nanotechnology (Benefits and impacts)
 31. Evaluation of chronological aspects of collection and transportation of municipal solid waste (MSW) system in Urmia
 32. Evaluation of Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit for removal of organic mater in Karoon river
 33. evaluation of exposed to benzene and compare level of trans,trans-muconic acid in taxi drivers and petrol station workers
 34. Evaluation of granular activated carbon performance on MTBE removal from polluted well water by both RSSCT and pilot plant methods
 35. Evaluation of the impact of type of coagulant on operation parameters in direct filtration
 36. Factors Affecting Spatial Distribution of Air Pollutants by Fossil Fuels Emitted from Stationary and Moving Sources in Gorgan City
 37. Feasibility on maintaining of the efficiency of Orumieh water treatment plant in floating conditions
 38. Flotation for Treatment of Polluted Waters
 39. Heavy metals accumulation in muscle tissue of Tenualosa ilisha in Karoon River and its Comparison with Global Standrads
 40. Integrated biolojical chimical system for treatment of industrial wastewater
 41. Investigating of Essential Factors of Wire-plate Electrostatic Precipitator to Collect Soot from Plant Exhaust
 42. Investigation of Mahisara waste water effect on downstream benthic organisms of Karaj river
 43. Investigation of P concentration and its transport to surface waters using calcium carbonate equivalent
 44. Investigation of Photocatalysts and Nanophotocatalysts Application for Environmental Pollutants Removal and Their Mechanism
 45. Investigation of Quality Drinking water viewpoint of Sedimentation and Corrosion index in Behshahr city
 47. investigation of the amounts of available P in soils as influenced by sewage sludge
 48. Investigation of water quality in Gilan Province rivers using multivariate statistical techniques
 49. Investigation on Factors Causing Viscous Bulking and Treatment Method in Activated Sludge System
 50. Investigation on heavy metals (Mn and Fe) procedure in Rainbow trout eggs in different stage of an incubation period
 51. Investigation the density of Nox spread out by the chimneys of gas unit and steam unit in shahid modhedge power plant
 52. Legal Limit of Metals in Soil & Vegetable Crops and Environmental Pollution Effects That
 53. Measuring the amount of hazardous elements in clay samples of Torab deposit
 54. Mercury concentration in different tissues of Chalcalburnus chalcalburnu
 55. Nanoporous polymers and their applications in organic water pollutants separation
 56. Optimization of Chalcopyrite Concentrate Bioleaching Using Thermophil
 57. Organic by products of Drinking water Chlorination
 58. Plasma Catalytic Treatment of Automotive Exhaust Gases and Effective Parameters
 59. Preparation of membrane nanofilter from PAN nanofiber
 60. Production of Active Carbon Suitable for Waste Water Treatment Mine and Industrial Effluents
 61. Qualitative Evaluation of River waters in Zanjan province for Agricultural usage
 62. Quality Evaluation of Indoor Air of Residential Houses in Regions 1 and 5 of Tehran due Nitrogen Dioxide
 63. Removal of Cu2+ and Ni2+ from wastewater by reverse osmosis processes and chelating agent
 64. Removal of Heavy Metals by Humic Acid
 65. Responses of selected plants to petroleum contamination during phytoremediation
 66. Standards of Health care wastes Management in metropolitan areas
 67. Study of different methods for disposal radioactive waste in industry countries
 68. Study on the Application of biofilteracion method for Offgas Treatment in a Special Foundry
 69. Study on the parameters of airborne haxavalent chromium removal by chitosan biopolymer
 70. Study surface water pollution effects on groundwater pollution (Case study: southern coasts of Caspian Sea)
 71. Sulphur and Sulphoric acid Application as Soil Amendment For Crop yield Enhancement
 72. Survey methods of collection, treatment & disposal of septage
 73. Survey of Mercury Concentration in Operative Dentists from Tehran City: Effect of Age, Gender, Years of Practice, Specialty and number of amalgam fillings
 74. Survey of MTBE effects on Balb/c mice reproduction
 75. The application and evaluation of RUSLE Erosion model in the watershed of the JAJROOD (ROODAK) with G.I.S.
 76. The effect of sowing dates and different tillage methods on the yield and different parts of Canola plant
 77. The Impact of Desert Dust which Transport in Atmosphere on Plant Growth
 78. The Influence of Mining Extraction Methods on Polluting the Environment
 79. The Method of Define Treatability of A Source of Water or Wastewater by Reverse Osmosis
 81. Vitellogenin assay by Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Assay (ELISA) as a biomarker of endocrine disruptor chemicals (EDCs) pollution

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