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3rd Regional Conference on Climate Change

Proceedings of the 3rd Regional Conference on Climate Change were published in English CIVILICA

43 articles of the 3rd Regional Conference on Climate Change is now available from English section of our website.

  • Scientific Assessment and Understanding Climate Change

  • The Assessment of Climate Change Impacts

  • Actions to be Made in Facing Climate Change

  • Public Services and Media for Climate Change

[List of Articles]

 1. A modeling Investigation on role of dynamic on pollutants redistribution and ozone
 2. A Survey on the Coincidence between Mashad Temperature Time Series and Global Temperature Variability and Changes
 3. Air Pollutant Global Climate and share of Zanjan
 4. An investigation of potential Impacts of climate change on portlans water
 5. An outlook of climate and transportation with emphasis on temperature and wind in the region of Kerman- Zahedan railway axis
 6. Analysis Cyclical Changes Forecast Temperature of Iran
 7. Analysis of Variation of Precipitation Beginning Dates and their Trends in Tehran during the Period 1951-98
 8. Assessment of Climate Change in Semnan, Based on a Monthly Rain and month& Mean Temperahcre Parameters
 9. Changed Humidity Series in Synoptic Stations
 10. Climate Change Impacts on the Environment, National Economy and Public Health in Tajikistan
 11. Climate Change Trends and Scenarios in Tajikistan
 12. Climatic Changes and Trends Over Qatar, Oman and United Arab Emirates
 13. Climatic Yariation and& Eflect on Ecolgical Instability in Iran
 14. Computation of Evaporation in Cold Season in Relation to Total Annual Evaporation, Case Study: Iranian Central Basin
 15. Current Climate and Climate Change Scenarios under Global Warming in Kazakhstan
 16. Determination of Heavy Metals in Southern Part of Caspian Sea
 17. Development of a Methodfor Recognition ofDesert Based on ClimatoCogical Criteria
 18. Drought Effect on Underground Water Resources Crisis in Hamedan Northern Plains
 19. Drought Frequency Analysis Using Markov Chain for Isfahan City
 20. Drought Monitoring Using SPI Index in Central Region of Iran
 21. Effects of Solid Waste Sector on Climate Changes in Iran
 22. Fuel Pricing Impact on Energy Carriers Consumption, Greenhouse Gases and Air Pollutants Mitigation in Household Sector
 23. Investigation of Dram Construction Effect on Climate Parameters
 24. Investigation of the Changing Trend of Temperature in Hamedan (Nojeh Station)
 25. Investigation of the Effect of Geological Zones and Eras on Hydrological Drought in Salt Lake Watershed (Iran)
 26. Kerman Temperature and Precipitation Regime under Climate Change, Analysis
 27. Models that have been used in the assessment of the effects of climate change in Iran
 28. Monthly distribution of precipitations elevated intensities in Morocco.
 29. Ocean Processes in Climate and Climate Change
 30. Participation in global climate observing system, challengs and strategies
 31. Relationship between Climate Change and Gully Erosion
 32. Scientific Assessment of Ozone Variability and Trends in Different Latitude the Earth
 33. Skalogram Explanation Model for Drought Changing (Case Study: Shahre Kord)
 34. Spatial Distribution of Climatological Drought in Maroon Watershed Using SUP
 35. Study of climate change models
 36. Study of Climate Effect of Heat Island for Tehran
 37. Survey on the Application of Geostatisical Metlzods in Estimating Spatial Distribution of Mo12tlzly Rainfall in South-East Arid and Semi Arid Regions of Iran
 38. The Effects of Climate Change on Water Resources in Iran
 39. The Role of Data Reliability on Climate Change Studies
 40. The Role of Livestock in Nitrous Oxide rroauctiun us u Greenhouse Gasas
 41. The Study of Time Variation of Freezing Days in Mashad
 42. The Survey of Water Quality in Tonkabon River by Using Water Quality Index
 43. Wind Speed-Direction Simulation for Predicing Wind Erosion in Iran

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