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7th International River Engineering Conference

Proceedings of the 7th International River Engineering Conference  were published in English CIVILICA

396 articles of the 7th International River Engineering Conference  is now available from English section of our website. The subjects of this conference are:

  • Flood Management in Rivers

  • Management of Sedimentation

  • River Morphology

  • Hydraulic Structures in Rivers

  • Environmental Aspects in Rivers

  • Modeling in River Engineering

  • The Application of GIS, RS and Value Engineering

  • The Integrative Management of River and Watershed

[List of Articles]

 1. 3D Numerical Turbulence Flow Pattern and Investigation vortexes around Spur Dike in 90 Degree Bend
 2. A Comparison between Methods for Prediction of Suspended Load at Seydon River
 3. A Consideration on designing criteria for Riprap Revetments in river Engineering
 4. A Laboratory Study of Longitudinal Velocity Distribution in a 180-Degree Bend with Rigid Boundaries
 5. A method for finding the defects of Karkheh-Hamidieh Driversion Dam Fish Way
 6. A New GA Approach for Optimizing Levee's Setback
 7. A report from Flushing for sediment removal from Sefid Rud reservoir during 20 years
 8. A Study of Density Currents Entrainment in Divergent Cross - Section
 9. A Study of Erodibility and Sedimentation in Dez Dam Basin
 10. A Study of Head Velocity of Density Currents to a Divergent Cross-Section
 11. A Study of Size Distribution of Suspended Sediments and Its Relation to Hydraulic Conditions in Khuzestan Rivers
 12. A Survey of Flood Warning Systems in iran and Comparison with System in the World
 13. A Survey on the Effects of The Masjid –i-Soleiman Municipal Waste Water on the Quality of the Tembi River and Some Applicable Recommendations for Quality Management
 14. An algorthm for extracting flood zones from ETM+ landsat and digital elevation model (DEM)
 15. An Experimental Comparison of Impermeable, Permeable and Composite Type of Groyne Performances for Stilling Flow Velocity
 16. An Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Permeability of Piling Groynes on the Erosion, Sedimentation and Protection in Canal Beds
 17. An Investigation of the efficiency of Rational method and SCS artificial unit hydrograph for estimating of peak flood in East Golestan (Case study; Mohammad Zaman Khan Watershed)
 18. An investigation on bed degradation of Kan River due to gravel mining at the downstream reach of Tehran-Tabriz Railway Bridge
 19. An Investigation on Reynolds Stresses in Different Cross Sections Through The Bend
 20. An Investigation on the Effect of Gachsaran Formation on Water Quality of Karun and Dez Rivers in Khuzestan Province
 21. Analysis and calculated sediment production In kalam basin In Bandarabas catchments using PSIAC metod and GIS
 22. Analysis comparison of river flow and sediment transport models
 23. Analysis of Flow and Sediment Characteristics in The Khair-Abad River nearly Ghale-madrese
 24. Analysis of sampling and measuring of suspended sediment of sediment measuring station of Khuzestan province Rivers emphasis on fertility Aspects and Environmental effects.
 25. Analysis of the effect of jet geometry on the downstream scour using physical models
 26. Analysis the sand gravel mines of the river and the methods to implant them by mountainous sand and gravel mines
 27. Analytical solution for estimating of effective discharge in gravel rivers
 29. Application of physiological characteristuics for estimating peak discharge of flood in upward Karun Basin drainage
 30. Application of combined mathematical model of wavelet transform and genetic algorithm for optimum management of rivers reservoirs system
 31. Application of different satellite sensors in estimation chlorophyll of water resources and their comparison for southern Iranian waters
 32. Application of Flow Tracing Algorithms in Flood control project planning
 33. Application of hydraulic model and GIS in floodplain management
 34. Application of soft wares in determine of riverbed and right of rivers, Case study; Shoor River (Zayandehrood basin)
 36. Application of wavelet analysis method in river engineering
 37. Are stream flow data sets fractal? Implication for hydrological modeling
 38. Artificial neural networks in river flow modelling (goals and limitations analysis)
 39. Assesment of mathematival models used for simulation water Quality in Rivers and Wetlands
 40. Assessing Flushing Effects on the Increase of the Reservoir Life (Shahid Abbaspour Dam Flushing Case Study)
 41. Assessment of spatial and temporal variation of karun river water quality in Ahvaz - Gotvand limit
 42. Assessment of weightiness multi-criteria methods in GIS to determine sensitivity of basins to the water erosion (Case study: Calate-Sadat Sabzevar Basin)
 43. Assising Sediment Transport and Erosion Mechnism of Bahmanshir River
 44. Back water investigations in Gargar river floods and its effects on discharge computations in Valiabad Hydrometric station
 45. Bed Load Transport under Unsteady Flow Conditions
 46. Calculate Karman Coefficient (Kp) for Estimating Flow Velocity Distribution Profile in Rivers with Fine Grained Sediment (Instance Study on Karoon River)
 47. Calculating Rate of Bank Erosion in Gravel Rivers
 48. Calibration and Evaluation of HEC-HMS Model in Roodzard Basin
 49. Catastrophe Theory and Its Application in the Threshold Motion of the Sediment and the Sediments Transport Rate
 50. Channel modification and its effect on river response with FLUVIAL-12 model (Case Study: NEKA RIVER)
 51. Classification of Karoon and Deze river in limit of Gutvand to Khoramshahr and Dezful to Bamdeje with use of water quality index ( WQI ) and study of enterobacteriaceaes that separation of this sites
 52. Combination of the Forecasts of Different Rainfall-Runoff Models
 53. Compariison off ffour briidge piier scour equattiion usiing ffiielld datta
 54. Comparing the results of Different Methods of Design flood Estimation(A Case Study in phishin dam , s Spillway)
 55. Comparing the results of Hec-Ras & Mike 11 models in a Segment of Karoon River
 56. Comparision of methods for esteamation of suspended load in Ghezelozan River with optimum equation slection
 57. Comparison between 8 model of computation of stable channel
 58. Comparison between Effects of Establishment of Detention Ponds and Localized River Engineering Countermeasures in Flood Control in Urban Basins
 59. Comparison Between Settling Velocity Equations
 60. Comparison of Different Dispersion and Sediment Transport Models for Mared Intake and Introducting a Suitable Model Using FASTER Model
 61. Comparison of dynamic and kinematic waves in flood routing using in river engineering studies
 62. Comparison of Sediment Rating Curve with MLP and GRNN models in sediment estimation of Zayanderood River
 63. Comparison of sedimental regimen with the amount of with drawing of sand and gravel of Faroub river of Naishabour and the effect of with drawing from river frontage
 64. Comparison of semianalytical solution of saint-venant equations and general diffusion wave equation
 65. Comparison of steady and unsteady lateral growth of 3-D particle laden density currents
 66. Comparison of three vertical distribution equations for suspended sediment concentration using field data
 67. comparong scour patterns around casecade spur dikes at 60,120 degrees under sub-critical and turbulant flows with moving bed
 68. Computation Methods of Dez River Sediment in Sabili Pump Station Intake Location
 70. Consideration efficiency of various models in placement of floods diffusion with use of GIS (A Case study of Doirej, IIlam Area)
 71. Considering of hydrologic parameters of Agichai river basin in location of Vnyar dam situation by wavelet transform
 72. Considering the Location, water diversion method and sedimentation problems in pumping stations in Khuzestan province
 73. Criteria for Incipient Motion of Sediment Particles in open channel flows
 74. Dams impacts on changing of river's geomorphology processes in semi-arid regions Case study:Garangoo , s catchments ,eastern of Sahand Mt(NW IRAN)
 76. Depth Scouring Reduction on Spur Dike by Using of Experimental Study
 77. Derivation of Synthetic Unit Hydrograph For Sirwan River Catchment Area
 78. Design and Development Iran Rivers' Tranining Database
 79. Design bases and implication points of the rock-cement diversion dams
 80. Desilting of Reservoirs by Flushing
 81. Detection of Trends in Low Flows
 82. Determinating limits and morphometry watershed by using GIS and Comparing it with traditional method
 83. Determination and simulation of water quality variables in Karoon River: A case study of water transfer to koohrang III
 84. Determination of floodplain in Great Karun river (Molasani - Ahwaz) using of Hec-Ras & Hec-Georas softwares
 85. Determination of intermediate catchment floods in river systems using optimigation method
 86. Determination of Karun Rivers wet and dries years based on discharge data
 88. Determination of Optimum Effluent Discharge in Tidal Rivers to Prevent Seawater Intrusion
 89. Determination of raindall remporal pattern in Kohkiloyeh & Boyerahmad provice
 90. Determination of regime equations for Kaj river
 91. Determination of regional flood possibility in Dez basin
 92. Determination of river bed and boundary by HEC-RAS & AUTOCAD case study: Karaj river reach(Sira- Pole khab)
 93. Determination of the Best Method for Estimating of Suspended Sediment Transport in Ghazaghly Hydrometric Station (Gorgan River, Iran)
 94. Determination of the Fall Velocity for Cohesive Sediments at Different Concentrations
 95. Determination of Trap Efficiency of Emmam Khomaini Unit Settling Basin By SHARC Software
 96. Determine the relationship between peak discharge and rainfall intention with kinematic wave model in Ziarat watershed in periodic times
 97. Determining appropriate locations of gravel and sand extraction by using GSTR-1D
 98. Determining the dominant discharge of some of the rivers in Khouzestan
 99. Development of an Optimal Operation Model for Dez and Shahid Abbasspour Dams Using Goal Programming Method
 100. Discharge Coefficient for Unsubmerged simultaneous through and over flow in Detention Rockfill Dams

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