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Proceedings of 6th Iranian Tunneling Conference

Proceedings of the 6th Iranian Tunneling Conference were published in English CIVILICA

69 articles of the 6th Iranian Tunneling Conference is now available from English section of our website. The subjects of this conference are:


  • Analyze Methods

  • Cave-in, Settlement and ditching

  • Design and Analysis of Retaining Systems

  • Geological and Geotechnical surveys and Behaviour Parameters

  • Instrumentation

  • Management and Construction Technology

  • Support Systems

  • Ventilation

[List of Articles]

 1. Design diagram of Anchored depression with horizontal clams based TARZAGI-PECK method
 2. Performance Prediction Models for Hard Rock Tunnel Boring Machines
 3. Thrust estimation in small diameter tunnel excavation using slurry pipe-jacking method
 4. Account of basement water pressure on the end tunnel cover under KOOHRANG pressure ( III)
 5. Account the expensive of the using shearing disk of TBM machine in excavation of stiff stone
 6. Accounting the deformation static parameter of rock mass petit seismic method and surveying the results with in-plane loading in GHATOOND DAM tunnel
 7. Accounting the stiffness of different kind of tunnels intervening for using in convergence- confinement method
 8. Analysis and design of 750th km of KOOHRANG TUNNEL
 9. Analysis of stability with making use of the accuracy equipments in TEHRAN highway
 10. Analysis the monitoring of basement chisel of LOORAK power plant in KONGLOMERA structure of HEZAR DAREH based on accuracy instruments
 11. Analysis the rigid frames in iysotrop trans zone
 12. Applying the non definiteness in engineering classifying the rock mass with making use the phase selection
 13. Appointment of discontinuity condition of rock mass of STORE tunnel dam
 14. Appointment of minimum propping pressure for front of tunnel in EPB method
 15. Appointment of parameter of water transferring tunnel in LAVASAL in TEHRAN, with making use the ROCLAB 1.0 software
 16. Appointment of SEFID KOOH fault range in CHESHMEYEH LANGHAN with making use the TSP method
 17. Assessment of the famous excavation codes in the world and comparing that with the available provisions inside our country (Iran)
 18. Assessment the effect of seismic wave on the ellipse tunnel with the disorder method
 19. Assessment the results of monitoring of basement chisels in MASJED SOLEYMAN dam
 20. Available problems in construct of the pressure reservoirs in GHATOOND OLIYA POWER PLANT
 21. Back analysis in basement structures
 22. Choosing the diamond bit for geotechnical excavation in IRAN
 23. Comparing the design methods of basement spaces with joint zones
 24. Comparing the numerical modeling method of rock mass in analysis of tunnel and basement structures
 25. Constructing the tunnels in the rumpled earth
 26. Design and using the big basement spaces
 27. Design of PANSTAK steel cover under pressure base of hydro mechanical interaction between rock mass and cover in water tunnel of SIMEREH tunnel
 28. Design of reinforced concrete cower for Gotvand upper dam’s tunnel based on hydromechanics interaction of rock mass and concrete lining
 29. Design of section and account the deformation of tunnel axe in active fault of KOOHRANG tunnel (3)
 30. Design of the cover of water transferring tunnel of GHOLAB tunnel
 31. Distinction of dimension of rock blocks in around of excavated spaces with computer modeling and giving the guide for primary propping
 32. Dynamical answer of buried isoelastic pipes in elastic zone to elevated earthquake WAVE
 33. Effect of earth’ slope, out load, tunnel section shape, on the amount of earth settlement from excavation of soil tunnel
 34. Effect of excavation of tunnel on basement water resourced
 35. Estimating of internal water flaw to tunnel with making use of the water pressure tests
 36. Estimating of mechanical parameters of rock mass with making use of back analysis
 37. Giving the mathematical model based on normal vector distribution for analysis the discontinuity surface properties
 38. Improving the reinforced concrete lining in under pressure section of water transfer tunnel in GAVSHAN
 39. Inspecting and assessment of safety in construction the tunnel
 40. Introduce of KHOOHRANG tunnel project and giving the excavation method in difference fronts
 41. Making use of the extensometer as a monitoring system of measuring for studies in tunnel
 42. Making use the open TBM in falling masonry and the way of anchoring in GHAVSHAN tunnel
 43. Modeling the injection steel cable in discontinuous deformation analysis
 44. Modeling the monitoring of DOZ rocks around the tunnel with basement on distribution of strain in the rock
 45. new software for designing the lighting system of tunnels
 46. Numerical analysis of breaking mechanism of stone stands in dept mines
 47. Numerical analysis of effect of reinforcement properties of discontinuity on stability of basement spaces under dynamical loads
 48. Numerical analysis of interaction between tunnel and foundation of the structures in the cities
 49. Propping plane of water transferring tunnel on GHATOOND dam power plant
 50. Quality of the propping managing the road tunnels in IRAN
 51. Stability analysis and design of propping system in LAVASAN water transfer tunnel
 52. Structure and chocking analysis of water transfer tunnel of CHAM SHIR dam and giving the plane for propping the wedge
 53. Study of exploring the stone potential in water transferring tunnel of LANGAN
 54. Survey the hydraulic jacking phenomenon of KOOHRANG tunnel
 55. Survey the revenue of rock anchor with tension test in development plane of MASJED SOLEYMAN
 56. Surveying of substituting the shotcrit propping system in peat mine galleries
 57. Surveying on the method of high anchor rod construction in chisel of expending plan of MASJED SOLEYMAN POWER PLANT
 58. Surveying the changing in reinforcement properties and applied loads on propping with making use of the phase mathematic in appointment of geo mechanical parameters
 59. Surveying the different factors of falling in the TOYSARKAN STATE tunnel
 60. Surveying the effect of geology and geophysical parameter on the outputs of road header
 61. Surveying the effective factors on the results of in-plane loading tests and DILATO meter appointment the communication between results of this 2 tests
 62. Surveying the result of hub applying In forging wells of XLPE400 hydroelectric power plant of MASJED SOLEYMAN
 63. Surveying the special soil settlements in the effect of shallow tunnels
 64. Surveying the suitability of tunnel cover
 65. The way of choosing and providing the engineering properties of the excavation machine that used for excavating the tunnel in the water transfer tunnel of GHALAMROOD in 3 and 4 sections of that
 66. Using the elastic analysis in estimating of soil parameter in RESALAT highway tunnel project
 67. using the new method in scedueling the rock mass of the ROOZIYEH CHESHMEH tunnel and comparing that with the other classic methods
 68. Using the portraitist method of MONT CARLO in constructing the tunnel
 69. Using the ventilation method in water transfer tunnel of SEMAREH hydroelectric power plant and the results of them

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