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(ناشر تخصصی کنفرانسهای کشور / شماره مجوز انتشارات از وزارت فرهنگ و ارشاد اسلامی: ۸۹۷۱)

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بخش کنفرانسهای خارج از کشور فقط جهت اطلاع رسانی بوده و سیویلیکا محتوای آن را تایید یا رد نمی کند.
دهمین کنفرانس بین المللی فناوری های تولید محتوای خلاقانه در تاریخ ۲۹ بهمن ۱۳۹۶ تا ۳ اسفند ۱۳۹۶ توسط در کشور اسپانیا ، شهر بارسلونا برگزار گردید.

حوزه های تحت پوشش: مهندسي و فناوري
برگزار کننده:
کشور برگزاری: اسپانیا
شهر برگزاری: بارسلونا

مهمترین محورهای کنفرانس عبارتند از:

دامنه ها و رویکردها

موزیک: محتوای مرتبط با موسیقی

محتوای اجتماعی مربوط به اجتماعی

WEBCONTENT: محتوای وب

گرافیک: 3D گرافیک

ANIMA: انیمیشن / سینما

MEDIMA: تولید، انتقال و مدیریت تصویر پزشکی

AUDIO: تولید صدا، انتقال و مدیریت

داده ها: انتقال داده ها و مدیریت

VOICE: صدای تولید، انتقال و مدیریت


The Tenth International Conference on Creative Content Technologies

Covering Fields: Engineering and Technology
Organized by:
Country: Spain
City: Barcelona


TRENDS: Domains and approaches

Content visualization; Bid data-oriented content; Blog-oriented content; Scenes and scenarios modeling; Background image processing; High-speed signals; Dynamic Big Data; Sparse and dense Datasets; Graph-based content; Mobile content in Smart Cities; Crowd-oriented content; Biological content (genes); Stream data; Text data; Underwater content (images); Geographic and atmospheric content modeling; Interactive evolutionary; Correlations of fixations in Video; Aesthetic analysis of abstract images; Visual saliency models; Color manipulation in images; Video search and analysis

MUSIC: Music-related content

Music content; Generative Music; Music classification; Content Diffusion Search; Music with Unconventional Computing; Music and Sound composition; Articulatory vocal synthesis; Algorithmic music composers; Generating musical compositions; Generative fusion; Audio feedback systems; Schemographe and Tonal harmony analysis; Virtual melody composers

SOCIAL Social-related content

Perceptual Experience; Perceived Quality Variation; Video Quality Assessment; Object vs. Objectless Motion; Predicting Download Directories; Opinion Propagation in Online Social Networks; Linked Enterprise Data and Web Intelligence; Community Detection; Sentiment-related content; Social semiotic mining; Social tags and Linked Data; Linking Data (social, open, public, and enterprise)

WEBCONTENT: Web content

Architectures and frameworks for Web content ; Web content mining; Content retrieval on multimedia Web; XML and non-XML Web content; Ontology and semantic for processing Web content; Recommenders for Web content; Content-driven workflow design and management; Web content performance, accuracy, security, and reliability; Web content modeling; Web content-based applications; (Semantic) Web Service discovery and selection; Smart Cities data streams integration

GRAPHICS: 3D Graphics

Interactive 3D graphics; High-performance 3D graphics; Mixed and augmented reality; Interactive on-line gaming; Animated humanoids and complex reactive characters; 3D documents and web/multimedia; User-interface for real-time 3D graphics and virtual environments; Innovative 3D web applications /industry, science, medicine, technology, culture/; 3D content creation technologies and tools; Interactive 3D graphics for mobile devices

ANIMA: Animation/cinematography

Computer animation; Computational cinematography; Virtual videography; Autonomous interactive characters; Traditional animation and 3D computer animation; Re-cinematography; Casual video; Cinematography; Image stabilization; Virtual Cinematography; Relighting through computation

MEDIMA: Medical image producing, transmission and management

Medical image devices, mechanisms and procedures; Medical imaging systems; Medical image capture and processing; Feature extraction and pattern recognition; Matching and computing anatomical atlases; Surface and volume registration; Medical image analysis (static and motion analysis); Medical image analysis (functional, metabolic); Multi-modal image analysis; Image segmentation; Multidimensional data visualization; Statistical methods (population-based analysis); Image guided diagnosis, surgery and therapy; Medical image transmission and storage (protocols, databases)

AUDIO: Audio producing, transmission and management

Audio transmission and reception systems and devices; Digital audio transmission signal processing; Audio transmission over Internet; Audio Multiplexing Transmission Systems; Stereo audio transmission signal; Digital infrared audio transmission; Multi-stream and multi-path audio transmission; Wireless-compressed digital audio transmission; Perceptual coding for audio; Transmission and storage; Laser audio transmission; Synchronizing video and audio transmission; Wide-band audio transmission; Index-frame audio transmission; Digital audio transmission rights; Noise in wireless audio transmission; Audio tools and products; Standards

DATA: Data transmission and management

Data transmission and reception mechanisms and techniques; Enhanced tools for video data integrity; Data mining, filtering, and reporting; Secure data transmission; Transmission media and data encoding; Text reading devices (super-pen, pen-elite, reading-pen); Scanned and generated lossy (progressive) multi-page text; (Visually) lossless mechanisms; Pricing data transmission; Differential data transmission systems; Data transmission equipments and transmission rates; Delay-constrained data transmission; Undersea and satellite data transmission techniques; Performance evaluation of data transmission; Multicast data transmission; High speed data transmission; Data transmission control; Integrity and privacy in data transmission; Data transmission standards

VOICE: Voice producing, transmission and management

Planning and implementing voice networks and systems; Voice transmission systems; Voice transmission performance; Quality real-time voice transmission; Metrics for quality of voice transmission; Stereophonic voice transmission systems; Header compression for VoIP over WLAN; Voice over IP solution for mobile radio interoperability; VoIP over cable TV networks; VoIP over Wi-Max; WiFi and cellular dual mode phones and services; Voice over WLANs and Wi-Fi to cellular roaming; Voice transmission via the Internet; Wi-Fi voice transmission; Bluetooth-based Ad-Hoc networks for voice transmission; Standards for voice processing and transmission

VIDEO: Coding/Transmission/Processing

Video coding standards (H.264, SMPTE 421M, AVS-China, HEVC); Video coders and decoders; Video surveillance and privacy; Network video recorders; Video streaming; Video data integrity (error detection, error resilience, error concealment, tamper resistance); Motion detection, object tracking; Distributed video coding; Video quality assessment; Omnidirectional video; 3D video

IMAGE: Image producing, transmission and management

Model-based progressive image transmission; Wireless image transmission; Computer generated images; Image security, scrambling, and regions of interest; Timing requirements for image transmission; Transmission of still and moving images; Protocols for low bit rate; Error-prone image transmission; Energy efficient image transmission; Multi-technology image formation; Devices for image capturing and processing (cams, web-cams, etc.); Scanning and sampling, quantization and halftoning, color reproduction; Image representation and rendering, display and printing systems; Image quality assessment; Image search and sorting, video indexing and editing; Integration of images and video with other media; Image authentication and watermarking; Image storage, retrieval and multimedia; Image and video databases; Generic coding of moving pictures; Media stream packetization; Modes for archival playback; Image-based applications; Standard for image processing; Image analysis and segmentation; Image filtering, restoration and enhancement; Image representation and modeling; Pattern recognition

SPEECH: Speech producing, transmission and management

Tooling, architectures, components and standards; Voice modulation, frequencies; Linguistics, phonology and phonetics; Discourse and dialogue; Speech analysis, synthesis, coding, and recognition; Speech enhancement and noise reduction; Speech features, production, and perception; Speech coding and transmission; Speech signal processing; Spoken language generation and synthesis; Speech QoS enhancement; Speaker characterization and recognition; Spoken language resources and annotation; Spoken/Multi-modal dialogue technology and systems; Spoken language information extraction/retrieval; Speech transmission technology for the aged and disabled; Audio-visual speech processing; Biomedical applications of speech analysis; Spoken document retrieval; Speech processing in a packet network environment; Automatic speech recognition in the context of mobile communications; Human factors in speech and communication systems; Automatic speech recognition and understanding technology; Speech to text systems; Spoken dialog systems; Multilingual language processing; New applications of spoken language technology and systems

درج در تقویم: ۱۳۹۶/۶/۴ - تعداد مشاهده ۸۳ بار

وضعیت کنفرانس


تاریخهای شمسی

تاریخ برگزاری:
۲۹ بهمن ۱۳۹۶ تا ۳ اسفند ۱۳۹۶
مهلت ارسال چکیده:
۹ مهر ۱۳۹۶
مهلت ارسال اصل مقالات:
۲۵ دی ۱۳۹۶
مهلت ثبت نام در کنفرانس:
۲۵ دی ۱۳۹۶

تاریخهای میلادی

تاریخ برگزاری:
۲۰۱۸ - February - ۱۸
تا ۲۰۱۸ - February - ۲۲
مهلت ارسال چکیده:
۲۰۱۷ - October - ۱
مهلت ارسال اصل مقالات:
۲۰۱۸ - January - ۱۵
مهلت ثبت نام در کنفرانس:
۲۰۱۸ - January - ۱۵

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